Can you deliver a legit pharmacy license?



Which country is the license from?

A European country.


Can you deliver a Bank license?



Can you deliver an online gambling license?



Can you offer a Credit Card Merchant account for pharmaceuticals?



Can I use the CC merchant account for several different domains?

Yes. You can run many domains for the CC merchant account. For a huge numbers of domains the price may increase (some customers have hundreds of domains).


Can I only buy the merchant account without a license?


How do I know that you are going to deliver?

We can offer escrow service if you want to be sure. This costs us 2000 Euro. Escrow service fees have to be paid by the customer if this option is chosen.


 Why do I need the pharmacy license?

Several people ask why they need an offshore company AND a pharmacy license. Some people offer “offshore companies for pharmaceuticals” on the web. This is a regular offshore company and the just put “pharmaceuticals” for the business purpose during incorporation. This is useless for you as you will find out later and not different from any other offshore incorporated company.  You need a license.